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PRESS RELEASE 01072022 - Release “Papa knows”

"Papa knows" - a very personal song about loss and

loneliness in life...

For over 40 years, Nicky Stone had no contact with his father,

who left home when he was 10 years old. Suddenly one day the

phone rang that the absent father was dying and had been

living in loneliness. Nicky did not manage to say goodbye to

his father.

A very simple funeral with only Nicky and his mother present set off

a wide range of thoughts and hidden emotions in Nicky. And that's

what "Papa knows" and the video is about. The wonder of people's

thoughts and feelings having to deal with a childhood without a

father - and about the "resurrection" in the form of a short phone



"Papa knows" is the first in a series of new tracks from Nicky's

hand. He himself writes all lyrics and music on several new

releases, which will be released over the summer / autumn of 2022.

He also puzzles with a new number for the Danish Melody Grand

Prix, where he himself last performed in 2004 with the song "Stars

flash in your name”.

"I am a far more mature person than then, and my compositions

and songs are also marked by that. Being in the mid-50s and part of

a different music world than then, has matured me as a person and

as a singer and musician,” he says.

Nicky started as a sound engineer and producer for a large number

of big music names - later he started composing and singing


In the 90's he was lead singer in the band "Measure", later he

unfolded with "Plenty" and the copy band "Party Animals", which

has benefited from his vocals. He has also released his own album,

"Black and Blue". Nicky's music has already hit a large number of

playlists around the world. .

In addition to his own compositions, he currently sings in a swing

band, "Bubble Cocktail" at festivals around the Danish countryside.

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